Winter vaccine update

If you are a health and social care worker in direct contact with patients/clients, or work for the NHS, you can now come along to any of our vaccination clinics to get your flu and Covid vaccines without making an appointment. This applies to people employed by third and independent sector providers as well as Council and NHS.

Clinic details

  • Lowland Hall, Royal Highland Vaccination Centre, Ingliston. Open 7 days 8am – 9pm
  • Ocean Terminal, 74 Ocean Dr, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ. Open 7 days 11am-7pm
  • Leith Community Treatment Centre, Junction Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5JQ. Open Monday – Friday 08.30am-12pm, 1-pm – 6pm

If you’re coming along, please bring your staff ID, and be prepared to queue for a short time. If it is more convenient, you can make an appointment using the online portal.

Getting your winter vaccines is safe and easy

Staying healthy, safe and cared for is more important now than ever before. Getting your winter vaccines is one easy way to do this. As well as protecting yourself, you will be helping to keep the people you provide care and support for safe this winter.

There are several groups of people who qualify for a flu jab because of their work, including:

  • all health and social care workers in direct contact with patients/clients
  • NHS independent contractors including GPs, dental and optometry practices, community pharmacists and laboratory staff (working on coronavirus testing) and support staff
  • nursery, primary and secondary school teachers and pupil facing support staff in both a Local Authority and Independent setting
  • prison officers and support staff who deliver direct front-facing detention services.

This year, alongside the flu vaccination programme, you will be offered a COVID-19 booster if you are a frontline health and social care worker. You can get a COVID-19 booster six months after your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Frontline funeral operatives aged 16 years and over are also eligible for the COVID-19 booster vaccination. This includes mortuary technicians and embalmers, and funeral director staff who:

  • handle, assist in the removal of, or have direct contact with the deceased’s remains or personal belongings
  • may routinely have close contact with the deceased within the funeral home setting
  • routinely clean areas that come into direct contact with the deceased (for example surfaces where the deceased have been stored or otherwise handled), or private ambulances or similar vehicles used to transport the deceased.

How to get your jab

If you are eligible because you work in a school or prison, your work will arrange for you to get your jab, usually in the place to work. You do not need to do anything.

If you are:

  • an NHS contractor
  • a health and social care worker in direct contact with patients/clients
  • a frontline funeral operative

you can book your vaccination online on NHS Inform. If you’re eligible for both the flu and COVID-19 booster vaccinations, you only need to book one appointment. Use the same username and password you set up for your first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses to log on to the system.

If you have lost or forgotten your username or password, you can create new ones by selecting the ‘recover username‘ or ‘forgotten your password‘ options.

If you have never received a unique username, you can sign up for one by using the ‘recover username‘ option.

You can visit NHS Inform for: