Upcoming Edinburgh Pact Activities and Events

You’re invited to join our ongoing conversation about wellbeing across Edinburgh. With many people across the city already doing imaginative and creative work, we’re always looking to hear your stories and what you’ve been doing to have more good days.

Find out more about our upcoming events and conversations – and sign up – below.

Date Event / Activity More information How to join
Friday 6 August Summer Season Conversations Are you running any summer activities and events this year?

Would you like to weave in an opportunity to talk to the people of Edinburgh about what wellbeing means to them, how they are connected in their community and what kind of things are important to them when it comes to their health?

Or if you’re not running any summer activities or programmes, would you like to?

We have funding available to help you, and you can apply for a grant payment of up to £1,500. This can be used to add capacity to a current activity or create an event or activity – so why not host a picnic or organise a game of rounders or a walk in a local park and use it as an opportunity to talk about wellbeing and what matters to people.

Email Linda Irvine Fitzpatrick to request a grant application form.

All forms must be returned by 5.00 pm on 6 August 2021.