Our strategic vision

Edinburgh’s population is growing and people are living longer. This means more people need our help each year.

We are transforming the way we work to meet the needs of people now and in the future. Our change programme will build a sustainable future for health and social care in Edinburgh.

We will redesign and transform our health and social care to:

  • help people to remain at home, or in a homely setting, for as long as they can
  • have more support available in the community and in people’s homes rather than in hospitals
  • focus more on prevention and early intervention to tackle health inequalities in the city
  • deliver right care, right place, right time.

Our strategic plan is a very detailed document that sets out how we will prioritise and plan over the next three years and beyond.
It was created after months of consultation with the people most involved in using or delivering health and social care services in Edinburgh. We talked to the people we support, and their carers, as well as local, independent and third sector organisations that work with us to deliver services.

In it you can read more about how we want to deliver health and social care in the future. Part of that is understanding what people want and need from us. We have already started a conversation with people who live and work in Edinburgh to build the Edinburgh Pact. This will be an agreement between us and Edinburgh’s people on health and social care services in future years.