The Edinburgh Wellbeing Pact

The Edinburgh Wellbeing Pact or “The Pact”, as it’s sometimes known informally, is the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board’s (EIJB) commitment to redefining our relationship with the citizens of Edinburgh and our partners. It’s underpinned by a shared common purpose: to achieve and maximise the wellbeing of all our citizens.

By focusing on what’s important to people, the skills and attributes they have, the role of their family, friends and communities, we can provide a service that fits around them, allowing them to live as well as possible.

The Edinburgh Wellbeing Pact is our pact between our partners and the people of Edinburgh to all work together to put wellbeing first. Find out more about the work we’ve done to co-create the Wellbeing Pact below.

To read more about how we have been working with partners to build connections, listen to insights, experiences, and break down barriers to enable positive change for health and wellbeing, please click here to read the reports from a series of events and conversations that took place in 2020/21.

Our Edinburgh Wellbeing Pact

“We will work with the people of Edinburgh to better understand what is important to them in their lives and how they want to manage their own health and wellbeing, to provide a service that fits around them and allows them to live as well as possible and have more good days.”

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