Edinburgh’s flu vaccination campaign is in full swing, with 25 sites around the city on target to deliver around 80,000 vaccinations to people who qualify for a free flu jab. The success of the programme is in no small part thanks to the team of volunteers who help with the smooth running of the drive and walk through sites by directing people and traffic, handing out forms and being on hand to answer any questions that people might have.

Over 150 people have volunteered to help at the sites in October and November. One of the volunteers shared their thoughts on the experience:

Another great session on Saturday. Nearly 1,000 jags. The nurses are brilliant- even working through some heavy showers!! 15,000 steps and 9.3 km in an afternoon according to my health app so this is also great for volunteer fitness!!’

If you would like to find out more about volunteering in Edinburgh, visit the Volunteer Edinburgh website

To find out where to get your free flu jab, visit NHS Inform.