Seven Guiding Principles

Home First

Wherever possible, in supporting individual choice, we must do what we can to assist an individual to stay at home, or in a homely setting for as long as possible. When a hospital setting is required, they should only be provided for the minimum amount of time needed. Working with stakeholders to design the best level of support available in the community and to support individual choice. Our housing partners are committed to designing homes and services which enable people to live at home for longer.


Integration must be a central consideration in anything we do, when planning and decision making, to grow and develop relationships with our partner and stakeholders and to maximise available resource. Designing pathways for citizens and professionals to make best use of available people, facilities and resources.


Generate and improve a culture of engagement and collaboration at all levels. Engaging with the third and independent sectors, carers, service users and their families are included whenever possible in our processes. Working to make available clear and transparent information on our plans and the Edinburgh health and social care offer. Committing to ongoing dialogue to promote best practice in engagement and participation. Striving to be inclusive in our reach, ensuring individuals and groups have their views represented. To acknowledge and build on existing relationships as well as inspiring new participation. Welcoming and building on the commitment of housing partners to support local communities.


We treat all people including families, carers, and all those involved in the provision of care with respect in everything we do. Ensuring we take the feelings, wishes and rights of individuals into account. To listen, hear, respect and learn, working towards a high level of shared responsibility.


Ensuring we treat everyone impartially, without favour, providing unbiased information about the choices available and to tackle inequality. Supporting individuals to meet their aspirations and assisted to make informed choices, without discrimination.


Working in partnership to support every individual to feel safe and secure in all their life, free from exploitation, abuse or harm. To encourage self-management to anticipate risk and develop prevention measures.

Affordable and Sustainable

Decisions are made that take account of affordability, longer-term sustainability and value for money. Growing a culture of continuous improvement.