The Totalmobile social care app, launched in partnership with Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and CGI is being used to support the transformation of care and provide support to people at home throughout Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership (EHSCP), in partnership with CGI, have completed implementation of a new scheduling system, including Totalmobile social care app to frontline Homecare and Reablement staff across Edinburgh which will help to provide more coordinated care across the City.

CGI, The City of Edinburgh Council’s primary provider of end-to-end managed IT services and EHSCP, worked with field service and management technology company Totalmobile to deliver the new way of providing care for people at home, which will see 650 staff support around 800 people with over 6,000 hours of care per week using the new system.

New devices come with the Totalmobile ‘Mobilise’ app installed, which enables staff to view their visit information, to check in and out of visits, and to more safely and easily navigate around the city.

The system’s key feature is its dynamic scheduling element, which has made it easier for staff to schedule efficiently and quickly.

The innovative new system is reducing time spent on administrative tasks such as journey planning, freeing up staff to spend more time on providing high quality care. Providing frontline workers with smart devices has also meant that they can access online information and training opportunities, and that they feel more connected to the wider Health and Social Care team.

Homecare staff across the city have shared their thoughts on the rollout:

‘It’s been such a good day, and the carers have absolutely smashed it. I’m so proud of them!’

‘Being a digital champion is an honour. Helping others to develop their own skills from the knowledge you have passed onto them is extremely rewarding’.

‘I’m actually surprising myself, but I’m loving it!’

‘Thumbs up! I’m enjoying the challenge of trying something new in my work’

Deborah Mackle, Edinburgh Health and Social Care Locality Manager said:

“It’s been such a huge collaboration from across the Partnership and our partners and we are so grateful to everyone for the hard work and dedication to the project.

The benefits are vast and will mean that hundreds of people across the city will get smarter care. We are excited to continue the journey of development in support of our teams and individuals receiving care and support.”

Chris Hornung, Managing Director for Public Sector at Totalmobile said

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Edinburgh City Council to modernise its Care at Home Service. Our solutions will allow caregivers to deliver services more efficiently, while ensuring the safety and well-being of their staff. We are looking forward to supporting Edinburgh as it continues its mobile journey with us.”

Julie Sadler, Vice President Consulting Services for CGI, said:

“The rollout of this digital solution for City of Edinburgh Council is another exciting example of how CGI and the local authority are working in partnership to improve the lives of citizens in Edinburgh.

“Together with Totalmobile, we have put in place the building blocks of a more efficient system that supports better outcomes for all, including a reduction in the administrative burden and the carbon footprint of those out in the field delivering services, as well as their management teams.

“It also fits in perfectly with Edinburgh’s Smart City vision of using technology-based systems to improve the lives of those who live and work in the capital, meeting their needs and priorities for the years ahead.”