Vision, Values And Principles


The vision of the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership is to deliver together a caring, health, healthier and safer Edinburgh.


The well-being of people living in Edinburgh are at the heart of our core values that focus on an asset based, person centred approach to improve outcomes and experience.


We will deliver on our vision and values through six key strategic priorities:

  • Prevention and early intervention

  • Tackling inequalities

  • Person centred care

  • Managing our resources effectively

  • Making best use of capacity across the system

  • Right care, right place, right time

There are seven guiding principles that we will design and deliver our services around:

  • Home first

  • Integration

  • Engagement

  • Respect

  • Fairness

  • Safer

  • Affordable

  • Sustainable

We will get there by:

  • Developing and agreeing a refreshed health and social care offer with our citizens

  • Rolling out the three conversations approach across the city, focusing on peoples own support networks, abilities and resources

  • Shifting the balance of care from a hospital setting to the community through the Home First model

  • Continuing to build our partnership with the voluntary and independent sector

  • Working with the housing sector to ensure that new and existing housing options support people to live independently

  • Continuing to tackle health inequality and poverty as a major cause of failure demand delivering the EIJB strategic plan, over the next three years and continue to transform services

  • Generate a unity of purpose and build momentum