Transformation and change programme

We know that we face some real challenges for our health and social care system. The population is ageing, demand for services is increasing and we are facing significant financial challenges.

We need to work differently to reshape our services to be fit for the 21st Century. We will work in partnership with families and communities to build quality, sustainable services that give better outcomes for the people of Edinburgh and improve our performance.

To do that we are creating an ambitious and wide-ranging transformation and change programme. We will involve our partners and stakeholders to develop the change programme and will deliver real, lasting transformation.

We will focus on:

  • Increasing well-being

  • Supporting people to stay independent for as long as possible

  • Making sure our resources are concentrated on those who need them most

We have identified a series of improvement projects and we are recruiting a team to roll out of this change. We have already started our change programme.

We started to introduce ‘the three conversations’ approach in April 2019. This changes the way we work with people and their families. It lets us work in a different way – focusing on people’s strengths and assets and reducing bureaucracy.

We are already starting to see great results from the teams working this way. People are able to access support and advice much more quickly, and in a more tailored and personalised way.