The Edinburgh Pact

Fill in our short survey and tell us what health and social care means to you.

What is the Edinburgh pact?

We want to build thriving communities in Edinburgh and embrace the opportunity to create a different type of relationship with residents, communities and organisations across the city. 

We are starting a conversation to build the Edinburgh Pact. The Edinburgh Pact will be an agreement between the Partnership and everyone who lives and works in Edinburgh. Our first step is to listen and learn what health and social care means to you. 

Judith Proctor, Chief Officer, explains why your ideas and comments are so important. 

Why are we developing this now? 

During the pandemic we have seen people and communities across Edinburgh rally together to support one another, helping and caring for people who might be struggling.  We have also seen organisations and charities work together and produce solutions to support communities during this difficult time. We want to build on this.   

We know that we face some real challenges for our health and social care system. The population is ageing, demand for services is increasing and our funding is not expected to grow at the same rate as the population. We need to think boldly about what can be different. 

How do I get involved?  

Take a few minutes to fill in our short survey