Apply to be a carer representative

How to apply

Download the full recruitment pack here.

Fill in the short application form.

Email a copy to Katie McWilliam

Completed expression of interest forms can also be printed and sent to:

  • Katie McWilliam – Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Business Centre 1.7
  • Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street
  • Edinburgh
  • EH8 8BG

Role summary

The role of the carer representative is to bring a carer’s perspective to the work of the EIJB in planning the future of health and social care services in Edinburgh. An unpaid carer is a person of any age, who provides unpaid help and support to a relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage to live independently without help. The role is to make sure the voice of unpaid carers is heard in all aspects of service planning and delivery within the Partnership. The role involves engaging and gathering views from other unpaid carers. Using this, and your own experience, to give the perspective of carers to the work of the EIJB on the future of health and social care services in Edinburgh.

You must be able to demonstrate the appropriate experience and skills to reflect the breadth and diversity of views within the unpaid carers sector. As a carer representative, you should have or have had, an unpaid caring role and be able to represent both your views and the views of other carers. The carer representative is a stakeholder member of the EIJB. This means that you can comment on and influence decision making but are a non-voting member.


Main responsibilities and tasks

  • contribute to discussions, provide advice and scrutiny, and use your experience to give the perspective of unpaid carers
  • be an active member of the EIJB, suggest and influence changes to services or plan, add items to agenda, raise relevant points and question meeting papers and accompanying evidence appropriately
  • develop good working relationships with other experts, professionals, and stakeholders
  • develop a network of carers, via carer networks, local forums (including social media where appropriate) to encourage and maintain links with the EIJB
  • champion carers’ involvement as partners at all levels and link in with other champions and carers to enlarge the pool of views being collected and represented locally
  • keep abreast of and connected to developments in other areas, to inform good practice locally
  • take an active role in groups or projects, with our support
  • participate in the planning and monitoring of the IJB’s strategic plan, priorities and budgets as required by legislation.