Being an EIJB board member


The EIJB is made up of voting and non-voting members as follows:

Voting membership

  • Five City of Edinburgh Councillors
  • Five non-executive NHS Lothian board members

Non-voting membership

  • Professional advice is provided by several senior officials
  • Staff are represented by trade union and staff partnership representatives
  • Two citizen and two carer representatives
  • One member representing the voluntary sector.

Board papers

EIJB papers can be found here by selecting Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (EIJB) if you would like more information.

Additional information

 There is no remuneration for this position, but reasonable expenses will be paid.

  • EIJB meetings take place every eight weeks for approximately four hours. These are currently held on a Tuesday morning and are scheduled in advance
  • EIJB development sessions (for approximately four hours) are held every eight weeks on alternate months from the EIJB
  • You may be asked to attend and participate as a member of one of the IJB’s sub committees – these are usually held every eight weeks. This will include reading papers and preparing for the meeting
  • Papers are circulated one week in advance of the EIJB meetings
  • If you volunteer for any other working-groups, you will be expected to attend these meetings. These would be held at a mutually agreeable date, time, and venue.
  • There will be a full induction to ensure that you are able to do your duties and you will be given a named contact for questions, concerns, or issues.