Savings programme 24-25 – Spot purchase IIA statement

Integrated Impact Assessment Statement

2024/25 Savings and Recovery Programme

Spot Purchase Grip and Control

EHSCP has a significant volume of spot purchase contracted spend (c£280m) versus block contract spend (c£26m).  The Contracts and Commissioning functions lead by the Contracts Manager and the Interim Lead Commissioner seek to redress this imbalance. Spot contracts are generated by Locality teams against the purchasing budget.  To increase grip and control of this spend, it is proposed to transition to more robust contractual arrangements which are negotiated with the market and managed through the Contracts Team with the support of a brokerage function.

This proposal will also increase grip and control in the following areas:

  • Individual Service Funds
  • Reduce/cease contracts
  • Review block contract spend
  • Maximising effective use of Intensive Housing Management
  • Scrutiny of delivered services to ensure payment aligns with provision
  • Home-based care

As this proposal relates to grip and control and increased efficiency, ensuring that appropriate contractual arrangements are in place and adhered to, there are no significant adverse impacts anticipated from this work. However, any potential impacts arising from changes to care home contracts have already been addressed within the IIA completed for the savings proposal titled “Older People’s Pathways Programme – negotiation”.  Potential impacts arising from changes to care at home contracts have been addressed within the “One Edinburgh” IIA.



SRO: Moira Pringle, Chief Finance Officer


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