Savings programme 24-25 – Prescribing IIA statement

Integrated Impact Assessment Statement

2024/25 Savings and Recovery Programme


Each Autumn, the NHS Lothian Pharmacy Dept co-ordinates a process to identify proposals to deliver common efficiencies in the primary care prescribing budget across all the Partnerships. The 24/25 NHS Lothian Primary Care Prescribing Plan builds on existing and established prescribing initiatives which promote cost effective prescribing without compromising patient care. The plan has been developed by the pharmacy team with extensive stakeholder engagement. The aim of the scheme is to promote financial stability through implementation of a range of prescribing projects led by pharmacy with the involvement of all appropriate teams.

The 24/25 Prescribing Plan will be considered for approval by the Lothian prescribing Forum in March 2024.  A combined Integrated Impact Assessment has been scheduled for April 2024 and will be published in due course.

SRO: Mike Massaro-Mallinson, Service Director for Operations


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