Savings programme 24-25 – Interim beds IIA statement

Integrated Impact Assessment Statement

2024/25 Savings and Recovery Programme

Interim Beds

Interim beds provide a temporary solution to enable people who are medically fit to leave hospital but are awaiting some form of additional support, to be looked after in a more homely and appropriate setting. 55 Interim Beds were commissioned in 2021, utilising funding from the Scottish Government, to assist with system pressures and provide additional bed capacity during the pandemic and to ease flow from hospital through the winter months. This funding ceased from 31 March 2023, with no ongoing funding stream available to meet the cost of continuing to commission this service.

As part of the 2023/24 savings programme, the EIJB agreed to the decommissioning of these beds. 10 beds were decommissioned with effect from 1st April 2023, and the remaining 45 beds were decommissioned with effect from 1 October 2023. This released savings of £3.2m in 2023/24, with a further effect of £1.6m applying within 2024/25.

A full Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) was completed as part of the 2023/24 budget decision making process and is available online here: interim beds IIA

As the savings in 2024/25 are a consequence of a decision already made by the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board, there is no requirement to complete a further IIA.

Mike Massaro-Mallinson

Service Director for Operations

27 February 2024

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