Savings programme 24-25 – Interface with hospital IIA statement

This savings proposal involves 2 workstreams relating to hospital interface services.

  1. Hub AHPs deliver assessment and rehabilitation interventions across three distinct Pathways at the interface of hospital and community. This proposal involves a plan to review and redesign the workforce model to deliver a recurring efficiency of £43,000 (£25k in-year) and increase capacity to support prompt, timely discharge from hospital and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital. Whilst an Integrated Impact Assessment may be required to realise this saving, this will be done through the agreed policy and process governing organisational change within the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and at an appropriate point in the process when a new structure has been proposed.
  1. Discharge to Assess (D2A) is a rehabilitation service that supports people home from hospital as soon as is safe to do so. People receive ongoing assessment and rehabilitation from a team of Assistant Practitioners, Community therapy assistants, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Data estimates 38% of people being discharged from Hospital via D2A pathway have a package of care on discharge. Of these 38%, just over half receive a package of care from Reablement and 45% from a care at home provider. As part of this proposal, the D2A team will undertake a rigorous and standardised review of packages of support at the end of a person’s period of rehabilitation, seeking to right-size support. This links closely with other review proposals within the savings programme and is estimated to release approximately £270k within 24/25.

The impacts of this proposal will be considered in one over-arching Integrated Impact Assessment for reviews of existing packages, which is available to view on the EHSCP website here: integrated impact assessments

As such, a separate IIA has not been prepared for this savings proposal.

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Mike Massaro-Mallinson

Service Director for Operations

27 February 2024

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