IIA statement – prescribing

Each year, the NHS Lothian Primary Care Pharmacy team identify proposals aimed at delivering efficiencies in the primary care prescribing budget of approximately £4m across NHS Lothian. The 2021/22 Lothian prescribing action plan includes an overall efficiencies target of £4m of which £2.20m is attributed to EHSCP.

The 21/22 NHS Lothian Primary Care Prescribing Plan builds on existing and established prescribing initiatives which promote cost effective prescribing without compromising patient care. The plan has been developed by the pharmacy team with appropriate stakeholder
engagement and approved by the NHS Lothian Prescribing Forum (February 2021). The aim of the scheme is to promote financial stability through the implementation of a range of prescribing projects led by pharmacy and dietetic teams within general practice.

An IIA is in progress, with the aim of it being completed by April 2021, at which point it will be published.

Based on IIAs completed for previous NHS Lothian Primary Care Prescribing Plans, and the fact that prescribing projects are underpinned by quality improvement methodology aimed at improving clinical effectiveness, no negative impacts are anticipated.

Mike Massaro-Malinson – EHSCP Locality Manager North West

Tom Cowan – Head of Operations (EHSCP)

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