IIA statement – mental health whole system review: positive steps

Approved: 15 March 2021

In 2021/22 it is intended to make an operational change to the management of the Positive Steps service to achieve the identified saving. Specifically an opportunity has arisen to review and propose a change to the management structure from two care coordinators to one. This proposal will generate a saving, enable a review of Positive Steps Coordinator job description to reflect current need and demand (e.g. inclusion of responsibility as registered manager), and provide the current in-post care coordinator with a potential career progression opportunity.

The current coordinator has been fully engaged in the proposal and is supportive.

As a result of this proposal:

  • there will be no change in work patterns
  • there will be no change in the level of support to service staff
  • there will be no change to service delivery.

Therefore this proposal will not impact on the day to day service delivery.

Following due consideration it has been identified that an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) is not required for this proposal because it will not result in any change to policy, nor result in any services changing or ceasing. However, the proposal has taken into consideration the needs of the service and any potential impact on staff and citizens.

Angela Lindsay – EHSCP Locality Manager North East

Tom Cowan – Head of Operations (EHSCP)

Download this statement as a pdf.