IIA statement – hosted and set aside

Approved: 15 March 2021

Hosted services are operationally managed by a HSCP or business unit within NHS Lothian on behalf of two or more of the Lothian IJBs. For example:

  • Dietetics is a single system team that is managed within Midlothian HSCP onbehalf of all four Lothian IJBs; and
  • Inpatient adult mental health is hosted within the Royal Edinburgh and AssociatedServices (REAS) business unit on behalf of East Lothian, Edinburgh and Midlothian.

Similarly set aside services are acute, hospital based and are operationally managed by NHS Lothian on behalf of all 4 IJBs.

Operational business units within NHS Lothian are expected to breakeven and demonstrate 3% efficiency savings on a yearly basis. Each business unit will develop savings plans locally and some of these will involve services hosted on behalf of IJBs. The development, implementation and monitoring of these schemes and any associated impacts will take place in accordance with local governance arrangements.

Moira Pringle
Chief Finance Officer

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