Climate change charter

Edinburgh’s net zero target 2030

In 2019, the City of Edinburgh Council agreed an Edinburgh net-zero carbon target of 2030. The Edinburgh Climate Commission was set up to accelerate action and impact on climate change in the city, and provide independent, expert and authoritative advice to enable and support the best choices being made for Edinburgh.

In December 2020, NHS Lothian and the City of Edinburgh Council signed the Edinburgh Climate Compact undertaking to:

‘Effect significant and demonstrable change in our business practices resulting in an accelerated reduction in climate emissions that contribute to Edinburgh’s net-zero target.’

Our commitment

The EIJB Strategic Plan 2019-22 made a clear commitment to support the Edinburgh 2030 net-zero carbon target.

As the body responsible for strategy, planning and budget setting across a wide range of health and social care services, we will set all our plans and budgets in line with and in support of the Edinburgh Climate Compact.

In doing so the EIJB encourages NHS Lothian and the City of Edinburgh Council, their staff, partners, the voluntary sector, our residents and communities to contribute through their actions to Edinburgh’s net-zero target 2030.

Our support

We will support our partners to close the gap between their projected business as usual emissions for 2030 and net-zero emissions in the key priority areas:

  • Transport and Travel– 31% Edinburgh’s emissions come from the transport sector1
  • Housing – 29% of emissions1
  • Buildings – Public and commercial buildings account for 23% of emissions1

We will work with our NHSL, CEC and Lothian IJB partners to achieve the goals set out in the CEC’s sustainability strategy, NHSL’s Sustainable Development Framework and Action Plan and the Edinburgh Climate Compact.  As examples, we will embed the 20 minute neighbourhood principles in our strategic planning and decision making and require the development of sustainable models of care.

Our working practices

  • We will seek assurance and scrutinise the implementation of our strategic plans and budgets and commissioning plans. We will also seek assurances that relevant carbon scenario planning and reports on progress take place.
  • We will show leadership by appointing climate champions and asking NHSL and CEC to appoint climate champions to support staff and communities to make changes.
  • In our public annual report, we will report on progress towards net zero 2030 including measurements of emissions from our partners.