Your Rights As A Carer

Caring in an unpaid or paid capacity can be physically and emotional demanding and can have an impact on your health, finances, and your relationships. However, it can be rewarding if you receive the right help and support when you need it.

The Carers Act can into effect on 1 April 2018 meaning that carers have new rights. These rights will ensure that all carers are supported and able to continue caring.

Under the Act, you as a carer have the following rights:

  • The right to have an adult carer support plan which includes your needs and how these can be met as well as emergency plan details for the person you care for

  • The right to support as a carer, if you meet our criteria. If you don’t meet our criteria for support, we can signpost you to other resources and information in the community

  • The right to be involved in hospital discharge for the person you are looking after

  • The right to advice and information in a way that suits their needs

  • The right to be involved in planning service we provide to ensure they are services carers want and need

  • The right to be involved in deciding what help you need as a carer

If you need advice on carer support, please contact us on: