Preventing a fall

We hope that you won’t ever have a fall, but just in case it is good to have a plan of action if you do.

Rest and wait plan

If you have a fall and you can’t get up without help or you are hurt:

  • Call for help

    Use your telecare alarm if you have one, or shout and bang on the wall to get a neighbour’s attention. If you can, use a mobile or crawl to a telephone and dial 999.

  • Move to a soft surface

    If you land on a hard surface like a bathroom floor, try to move on to a carpet. This will help to keep you warm.

  • Keep warm

    Try to reach for anything nearby which will keep you warm. This could be a duvet or clothing. If you are in a draught, try to move out of the way of it.

  • Keep moving

    Try to rock from side to side but keep the injured part of you still. If you lie still for too long you will become stiff and cold.

Up and about plan

If you have had a fall and feel you can get up, check that no part of you is injured. Everyone is different so there is no set way to get up after a fall but remember to be careful and take your time. You can use a piece of sturdy furniture to support you when you get up.

For advice on how to prevent a fall, please contact us on: