Coming out of hospital

We will work with you to prevent you from being admitted to hospital. If you need to be admitted to hospital, we will support you to return home as early and as safely as possible.

We will promote rehabilitation and recovery, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that life changing decisions are not made in a period of crisis which may result in a longer stay in hospital. This approach will be embedded across your care journey.

We will work with you, your relative and carers to support discharge from hospital in a timely manner and agree how you will be supported once discharged from hospital.

We will work with you to identify:

  • What support is needed for you to return home

  • How you will manage any medication

  • Any adaptations or equipment that may help

  • If your carer will be able to support you

We will also consider what other services you may need. This may include:

  • A referral to short term support – reablement

  • Making sure you are claiming all relevant benefits

  • Initiating a claim for benefits

  • Referring you for respite or day services

  • Considering you for care home services

  • Referring you to community services across the city

Man Leaving Hospital

For people over 65, there will be no fees applied for the care at home service following discharge from hospital. There is also no charge for short term support.

Where it is not possible for you return home, we will look at alternative options with you, this may include considering a care home or nursing care.

For advice on support when coming out of hospital, please contact us on: