Wellbeing support: isolation and shielding

Using Florence Telehealth service during the COVID–19 pandemic
You can tailor messages to connect with staff or people while they are shielding or isolating at home either to offer advice, signpost to relevant information/websites or to support anxiety management. Here are some examples:

Self isolation texts

“Hi it’s Flo. Reply PRECAUTIONS or SYMPTOMS at any time to find out more on how to protect yourself & identify symptoms of COVID-19.”

“Exercising outside once a day alone or with those that you live with is good for your wellbeing. Flo”

“Hi it’s Flo, Create a routine for daily self-care; this could include taking time to learn a new relaxation technique or a relaxing bath.”

“Ensure you have enough of any regular medication incase you need to self-isolate. Phone or visit your GP or pharmacy website if you need help with prescriptions. Take care Flo”

Health anxiety texts

“If you have regular home visits from any healthcare professionals or support services, please ensure to let them know if you are self isolating. Take care Flo”

“Hi it’s Flo, when indoors for long periods you may feel claustrophobic at times. It can help to open windows to let fresh air in & look at the sky for a sense of space”

How do I get support or advice?