Digital devices to support physical distancing and isolation

How can we use digital devices to support people?
Digital devices can support people in many ways to keep safe and well during COVID-19. For example when people are at risk of falls, have difficulty with low vision, mobility and other underlying health conditions. Digital devices can support this and much more.

What types of devices are available?
Wifi enabled digital accessories:

  • wifi bulbs set to go on at set times. And enhance room light
  • video doorbells
  • wifi blinds/thermostats etc.

Voice activated devices – digital assistant:

  • medication prompts
  • diary events/timed reminders
  • hands free calling.

Digital hubs/mobile devices

  • video conferencing
  • remote medication and welfare checks
  • online shopping
  • online communication.


  • take and record body temperature
  • managing mood, for example mindfulness
  • visual planning.

How do you know what type of device will be best?
We have two checklists to help decide what support might be needed:

Where can I get more information?
For information and guidance, contact the occupational therapy technology service:

  • Email (support for both NHS and Council staff)
  • Call 0131 443 3837 and leave a message.