Lyrics for Life

Suicide can affect anyone, and talking about suicide is hard. If you struggle to talk about your feelings, it might be helpful to use music as a way to express what you’re going through. Using something like music can help you to engage with other people and seek help.

For this campaign, we have asked people who have been affected by suicide to tell us about a song that means a lot to them. You can watch their stories in the videos below. You can listen to the songs they talk about on our YouTube channel.

We would love to add to our Lyrics for Life playlist. If you would like to tell us about a song that means a lot to you, please email and tell us the song you would like to add to the playlist and why.

Whatever you’re going through, there is somebody out there who will face it with you. Reach out for help.

Mags’ story

Jacqui’s story

Chris’ story