A smiling man with grey hair and glasses sitting in front of a plate of fruit and pancakes

Diner Andrew

After over a year of doorstep deliveries and socially distanced chats, since the 17th May, Meal Makers Cooks and Diners have been back sharing meals and stories indoors once again, with volunteers now able to visit their Diners in their home.

Meal Makers is the community meal sharing project delivered by The Food Train, which matches volunteer ‘cooks’ with an older neighbour (diner) aged 55 or over to share a home-cooked meal once a week.

Throughout the pandemic, cooks have carefully complied with Government guidelines to continue delivering food, but with a chat on the doorstep instead of inside the home. As restrictions are now eased, volunteers and diners have very much been enjoying spending a bit more time together. Although it has been a tough year, Meal Makers have seen many wonderful matches across Scotland, which are blossoming into warm friendships. One of the newest pairings in Edinburgh is Veronica & Andrew (pictured) and they have been sharing meals, stories and many laughs all through the pandemic.

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Cook Veronica

“I enjoy sharing meals and fun moments with Andrew, listening to all his stories, helping where I can and building memories, I know I’ll forever cherish.

The highlight has been celebrating Andrew’s last birthday together with cake and wine! It was such a happy celebration!

Volunteering brightens my days because it lets me give back to my community by doing one of the things I most love – cooking!”

For now, Meal Makers are taking the following steps to ensure both cook and diner safety in the home whilst COVID is very much still present:

  • masks MUST be worn when inside a diner’s home
  • maintain 1m distancing when inside a diner’s home
  • cooks are asked to be vigilant about any COVID symptoms that they, members of their household, or their diner may have and if there is any doubt, they will not visit
  • washing hands thoroughly before, during and after a visit.

Do you know an older person aged 55+ who could benefit from some friendship and a bit of meal support? Anyone can refer a Diner to Meal Makers by completing the short online form – https://www.mealmakers.org.uk/Home/SuggestDiner – and the team are on hand to answer any queries you may have by calling  0141 551 8118 or email hello@mealmakers.org.uk