It's hard to talk about suicide. Reach out. Help is always at hand.

We’ve been encouraging you help us populate our Lyrics for Life playlist and share a song that’s meaningful for you. It’s great that so many people have been in touch and today we’re sharing a song from one of our Edinburgh residents, Karina.

One of my favourite songs is ‘Make your own kind of Music’

The words speak for themselves and has become something like a personal anthem for me and my family

Being true to yourself is not as easy as it sounds and the lyrics are a reminder that one can experience disappointment and heartache just for being yourself and that it can be a lonely path – but that is okay.

It also reminds us to be tolerant because it is futile to expect other people to sing the same song or dance the same steps and, when the time comes, to let go of hands that will not hold yours in solidarity

Plus it is a great song to sing to, very loudly and, in my case rather off key, but fun nonetheless!

You can listen to the Lyrics for Life playlist on YouTube

We would love to add to our Lyrics for Life playlist. If you would like to tell us about a song that means a lot to you, please email and tell us the song you would like to add to the playlist and why.

Talking about my suicide is hard. But it’s important to reach out. Reach out and get the help you need –