Self management

Living life with a long term condition can be challenging in different ways:

  • social
  • physical
  • financial
  • cognitive
  • emotional/psychological
  • cultural.

Self management is about being actively involved in our own health and wellbeing, working together with any professional and service that supports us.

Self Management Support Worker

Our Self Management Support Worker Paula Moncrieff can connect you with people or activities in your local community and can help you think about what matters to you.

Paula can support you with developing skills to:

  • take care of your illness or condition by taking care of you
  • manage your emotional challenges and changes
  • have better control and plan your life day by day.

Paula can support you to learn from, or share with, other people who live with long term conditions. Self management is about what works for you.

If you have a long term condition and would like more information you can contact Paula:

The Self Management Support Worker is provided in partnership with Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living and Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership.

Resources to help you manage your condition

The Connect Here Directory – a directory of over 2000 community resources in Edinburgh. The directory can help you to find local support to help you live with your long term condition.

Visit our digital support page to find out more about how digital support can help you manage your condition.