Working alongside people with long term conditions

What are long term conditions?

Long term conditions are health conditions that affect your quality of life. They require ongoing management and support over a period of years. They can affect people at any age and may occur on their own or along with other health issues.

What is the Long Term Conditions Programme?

The Long Term Conditions Programme supports health and social care teams to improve care for people living with long ­term health conditions and those who are at risk of falls. Our vision is to support health and social care teams to improve care and support by:

  • seeing the whole person rather than each individual condition
  • engaging the whole team involved in the person’s care, including third sector partners
  • improving the way that care and support is planned across the whole system.

Here you can find out how the Long Term Conditions Programme provides support in the following areas:

  • Anticipatory care planning – thinking ahead
  • Falls support
  • Digital support
  • Self-Management.

Read more about long term conditions on the Scottish Government ­ Illness and Long Term Conditions web pages.