Living with addiction

With the right help and support, anyone can get drug and alcohol free and stay that way. Recovery happens every day. You do not need to be an addict to ask for help. Services will help people to achieve many different goals around drinking or drug use.

If you think that you or someone you know, might have a problem with drugs and / or alcohol, there is a wide range of help available.

The Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Partnership

This service co-ordinates the design, delivery and evaluation of drug and alcohol services across Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership website has a list of professional services and recovery activities and further services can be found in the Recovery Companion – Edinburgh app.

Rehabilitation support

If you’ve already tried using support in the community to help you stop drinking or taking drugs, we may be able to provide you with a place in rehab.

Your GP or social worker can refer you to the residential rehabilitation referral team who will answer any questions you may have and discuss options with you. If you don’t have a social worker, you can contact Social Care Direct for advice.