What is Self-Directed Support?

Self-directed support is a flexible way of providing social care services, which gives you more choice over the way your care and support needs are met. It also gives you more control over how your support is arranged and managed. This includes deciding:

  • the kind of support you want
  • when you want to use it
  • who will provide you with it.

There are four ways in which your support can be arranged and managed.

  • Option 1 – the Partnership provides you with a direct payment which you use to buy support yourself. Examples of this could be accessing a service directly, such as a day centre or employing a personal assistant. This means you are managing the money yourself
  • Option 2 – you choose the support you want and ask the Partnership or another party to organise your support on your behalf. This means you do not need to manage the money yourself.
  • Option 3 – you ask the Partnership to choose and organise the support you need.
  • Option 4 – you choose a combination of options 1, 2 or 3.

To talk to us about Self Directed Support, please contact Social Care Direct

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