Paying for care

We provide social care services for a wide range of individuals. Many of these services are provided free of charge, however in some cases we ask individuals to pay a contribution towards the cost of those services.

When setting charges, we consider the following as part of any financial assessment

  • Your ability to pay

  • The maximum charge we can charge

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Equity

  • Transparency

  • Compliance with national guidance

  • Discretion for exceptional circumstances

We will charge for non-residential services in two different ways, either a flat rate or means-tested. Some services are charged at a flat rate meaning all individuals pays the same amount for the services. The flat rate charge will include services like:

  • Assistive technology – a flat rate weekly amount is set for having the service in pace

  • Day centres – a set amount for each session you attend at a day centre


Some charges are means-tested, which means the amount you pay will depend on:

  • How much of the service you use as well and

  • How much income and savings you have

Means-tested services include:

  • Care or support at home

  • Residential respite

If individuals have savings over a certain amount, they will have to pay the full charge for the services they receive. If a service charge is means-tested, you will be sent a financial assessment form which you will need to complete, telling us:

  • Your income (and your partner / spouse income)

  • Pensions and benefits

  • Savings and capital

You also need to provide paperwork to support the information that you have given. For example, we will need to see copies of current bank statement, and / or savings accounts.

The sooner we get this information, the quicker we can work out how much you will have to pay.

Once we have identified what costs you will have to pay, we will send you a letter explaining how much you will have to pay each week. We will base your invoice on the amount you have to pay each week and we will normally invoice you every four weeks.

Means-tested charges are reviewed each year to check they remain accurate. You should let us know about any significant changes in your income or savings during the year.

If you want advice on paying for care, please contact us on: