Dementia support

In 2019 it was estimated that around 8,492 people are living with dementia in Edinburgh. There are many different types of dementia but the most common is Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia is most common in older people but can also affect people in their 40s or 50s or even younger.

At diagnosis

After a diagnosis, everyone is entitled to at least one year of support. A link worker can help you or your carer to:

  • understand the illness and manage the symptoms
  • help you live well with dementia in your own home
  • plan for future care.

Find out more about support after you’ve been diagnosed with dementia from Alzheimer Scotland on 0131 551 9350.

Support after diagnosis

Other support is available so you can live well at home. This can include:

  • activities and groups in the community
  • personal alarms and monitors
  • local dementia support services
  • discount from paying Council Tax
  • entitlement to apply for Attendance Allowance (over 65 years) or Personal Independence Payment (under 65 years)
  • help with washing, dressing or preparing meals
  • carer support.

Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol can help the police to find someone who goes missing more quickly.

People who care for someone with dementia can fill out a form with details about the person including where the person grew up,  favourite places, and a picture of the person with consent to share this on social media should it be required.

The form is then kept somewhere safe in the person’s household. If the person goes missing, the form helps police to quickly access important information to help find them. Find out more and download the form

If you work with people with people with dementia, watch the video below to find out more about Herbert Protocol and how to use it.

Dementia Friendly Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council and partners Alzheimer Scotland and NHS Lothian are working with organisations and people in the city to make Edinburgh a dementia friendly community. This is a city, town or neighbourhood where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported, and are confident they can be part of community life.

In a dementia friendly community people feel included and involved and have choice and control over their lives.

Many areas in Edinburgh are working to become dementia friendly. Some examples are:

  • there are dementia friendly areas in Barnton, Crammond, Dementia Friendly Pentlands (Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green) and Portobello.
  • dementia friendly activities in places like the Kings and Festival Theatres and Botanical Gardens
  • shops in Cameron Toll Shopping Centre support dementia friendly Edinburgh.

Anyone can help to support people living with dementia.

Do six little things to tackle the stigma of dementia

Tackling stigma around dementia is one of the ways you can help to create a more dementia friendly community.

You can help cure the stigma of dementia by doing six little things. To find out more about the six easy ways you can help, read our dementia stigma leaflet. It’s just about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things you can do to help people with the condition.

Download our dementia stigma leaflet

Become a Dementia Friend

Find out more and sign up on the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Friends web page