BeAble Service

Be Able aims to:

  • improve your confidence in daily living tasks
  • improve your strength, mobility, balance and reduce the risk of falls
  • improve your communication skills, confidence, and cognition if you have a memory impairment.

Who would benefit from Be Able?

If you:

  • are not as steady on your feet as you would like to be, including if you use a walking aid and are over 55 years-old
  • have recently had a fall or are worried about falling
  • can move independently, using your surroundings if necessary, and have enough stamina to take part in exercises
  • are not as confident as you would like to be in your mobility and your ability to manage daily tasks
  • are about to be discharged from rehabilitation services and your mobility can still be improved
  • have mild/moderate cognitive impairment or mild/moderate dementia and can follow simple instructions and hold a meaningful conversation

then our Be Able exercise programme and memory programmes might help you.

What does Be Able offer?

The Be Able programme has three parts: a set of strength and balance exercises called Otago, Outdoor Mobility, and memory exercises to improve mental ability called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST).

If you take part in the Otago and Outdoor Mobility programme, you will be offered:

  • a review to check if you’re suitable to take part
  • support from our trained staff at home or within a community setting
  • up to 16 exercise sessions, that may also include a mobility programme and CST, which can be in your home, online or within a community setting
  • outdoor mobility practice to enable you to access your local community
  • exercises which are designed to improve strength, mobility, balance and reduce the risk of falls
  • personalised mobility programme to support you in regaining your confidence and motivation to manage daily tasks, inside and out of your home
  • advice and information to prevent falls at home.

If you take part in the CST, you will be offered:

  • support using a selection of prescribed activities to improve your confidence, communication and cognitive skills
  • a 16-session programme, which can be online, in your own home, or within a community setting
  • themed activities that can take place in small groups and/or in individual sessions designed to improve your mental abilities and memory.

How to join Be Able

If you are referring yourself or a family member, follow this link or contact Social Care Direct 0131 200 2324.

If you are a health professional, you can make a referral here, and select “Be Able” from the options available.