Let’s think ahead

Anticipatory care planning

Information about treatment and care planning for people at home


Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) means thinking and planning ahead and understanding what is happening with your health and care.

No one knows when their health and care needs may change. It is important for your GP practice and other professionals providing your care and treatment to talk with you about:

  • what is happening now
  • what might happen if your condition changes and you are less well.

Together you can talk about what matters to you, to make sure you are involved as much as possible in planning your treatment and care. What you discuss will go into your care plan.

Your GP practice saves your care plan in your records and creates a summary for professionals to use if you need urgent care, called a Key Information Summary (KIS).

When you are creating a care plan, you might want to ask the professionals providing your care the following questions:

  • This is what I know already… has anything changed?
  • Can we talk about what might happen in the future?
  • Can we talk about what is important to me and the people I care about?
  • Can we talk about things I would like and the things I do not want to happen to me?
  • Can we talk about the treatment and care options I have and any decisions I need to make with you?

Your GP or other professionals providing your care might ask you:

  • Who are the people who help and support you? Can we talk with them too?
  • Who are the professionals involved in your care?
  • If you have a relative or close friend who helps you at home, can we make a plan for what to do if they become unwell?
  • If you become very unwell, how and where would you like to be cared for?
  • Are there other things we can do to help you?
  • Is there anything else about your health and care that is important for us to know?

For further information please go to http://www.whatmatterstoyou.scot

The leaflet may be made available in a larger print, Braille or your community language. Please email AnticipatoryCarePlanning@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

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