COVID-19 antibody survey in education staff (CASS)

It’s important to ensure schools are as safe as they can be while the virus remains present to protect the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff. Staff working in education settings can help do this.

The COVID-19 Antibody Survey in education Staff (CASS) is open to all adults working in a school or early learning & childcare setting in Scotland.

CASS helps to identify the proportion of people working in an education setting in Scotland who have already had coronavirus by testing for antibodies in their blood. Survey results help inform and strengthen the ongoing pandemic response.

CASS started in autumn 2020 and is still ongoing. It’s not too late to take part.

Please take part in the Public Health Scotland survey and find out more, including the most recent reports on survey results.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in CASS so far, your continued involvement helps us better understand COVID-19 in education staff.