We are pleased to share the new Connect Here Guide to arts, crafts and creative activities which is now available on our website. This new addition to the Connect Here Guides includes a catalogue and insightful information regarding various services and resources both in Edinburgh and online that connect individuals to arts, crafts and creative activities.

In the new guide you can find a full list of simple creative activities and a range of opportunities across Edinburgh as well as online for individuals and groups to get involved in creative projects or simple actions. Amongst the great range of activities, there are things to do at home, at the workplace, at school, at care homes or at local cafés. Through their involvement with this form of ventures, everyone can share, learn, get inspired, participate in activities that offer the benefits of reducing anxiety, improving wellbeing and of offering more good days. If you think this would  be a benefit for you or for someone you know of, you can find out more and visit our website.