Kate Barlow, a Public Health Practitioner in Edinburgh’s Health & Social Care Partnership (EHSCP) and the lead of our Local Outcome Improvement Plan ‘Enough Money to Live on’, highlights where people can find support.

Not having enough money to live on causes unfair unavoidable differences in people’s health and wellbeing across social groups and between different population groups. It is therefore one of our main focuses in the EHSCP and in public health in general.

We actively ensure that the work of our community planning partners is joined up and coordinated across the city.

We’ve invested more money, from the city’s UK Shared Prosperity fund, into our welfare rights and debt services across the city, helping us expand in our community mental health services and recovery hubs, as well as support families in schools and our health visiting services.

In the last financial year, we estimate that welfare rights and debt advice services have helped achieve a total financial gain of £20.5m for the people of Edinburgh.

I’m always staggered that every year there is such a large financial gain. It makes me realise how essential these services are in supporting people to navigate such a complex system.

The City of Edinburgh Council cost of living webpage helps to support people in Edinburgh with the cost of living crisis. This webpage covers a whole range of information, including:

  • how to check what benefits you may be eligible for
  • where to get independent free debt advice
  • how to get support with bills and energy
  • making sure people receive council tax reduction or free school meals and clothing grants, if entitled
  • where and how to get support for food
  • help with housing and homelessness
  • details of the Scottish Welfare Fund crisis grants to cover the cost of an emergency.

The Worrying about Money leaflet, which is available in different languages, helps people navigate how and what help they need.

It’s not just about making sure people have an adequate income or maximising their income, we know money worries can also impact on people’s health. Therefore, we have embedded advice services in so many health settings, including GP practices, hospitals, and community health settings.

For mental health and wellbeing support, visit Breathing Space and ithrive Edinburgh.